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Wings at the Speed of Sound

Wings at the Speed of Sound is the fifth studio album by Wings, released on 25 March 1976. Issued at the height of the band’s popularity, it reached the top spot on the US album chart and peaked at number 2 on the UK album chart. Both singles from the album also reached the top 5 of the UK and US singles charts, with ‘Silly Love Songs’ reaching number 1 in the US.

A Rolling Stone’s reviewer saw this record as a concept album, describing it as “A Day with the McCartneys.” In that light, the introduction, “Let ‘Em In,” is an invitation for the listener to join the McCartneys for a day, with an explanation of their philosophy (“Silly Love Songs”), a lunch break (“Cook of the House”), and a chance to get to know McCartney’s friends (Denny Laine in “The Note You Never Wrote,” Jimmy McCulloch in “Wino Junko,” etc.).

“Silly Love Songs” points back to William’s position when he joined the Beatles. At that time, he still had not found anyone whom he could imagine wanting around for the rest of his life. From that frame of reference, he found the sappy love songs repulsive. In their negotiations in Paris in September, 1966, William argued that people had had enough of the Beatles’ silly love songs. However, by the time of the band’s dissolution four years later, he reconsidered that policy. With deep love and appreciation for his lovely Linda, love songs became more authentic from him. Although in 1966 he thought that the world had had enough of silly love songs, he later realized that that was not so—and that there is nothing wrong with that.

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