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The Memoirs of Billy Shears: The Nine After 9-09 Edition

Paperback: $26.66

The Memoirs of Billy Shears is packed with historically significant disclosure about the Beatles, and about the elite who placed that band on the world stage to launch their hidden global agendas. Many of these historical facts had been hidden from the Sixties until this book was published on 09-09-09. With its record-breaking elements of writing sophistication (such as including the world’s longest acrostic, word-stacking, layered meaning, etc.), the Memoirs of Billy Shears is truly a uniquely amazing work.

Now, nine years after the Memoirs’ release, we are delighted to announce this new revised and footnoted edition! Bringing many details to light that the earlier version only hinted at, this new edition adds surprising clarity to many points that had been obscured. For those with mailing addresses within the United States, we highly recommend the hardcover version ($19.99 + S/H at www.BillyShears.com/5.htm ). This paperback version of the Nine After 9-09 Edition of the Memoirs of Billy Shears, although also available within the US, is primarily intended for those outside of the US for whom shipping costs from the US are prohibitive. Another feature that sets the hardcover version apart from this paperback version is that several pages of the hardcover version include some color printing.

Additionally, one page of the hardcover edition’s “Masonic Checkmate” chapter has added graphics depicting two columns of binary code (each containing 33 bytes). The hardcover book also has a dust-jacket containing information about the book on the front inside flap, as well as images of, and text about, Sir J. Paul McCartney and Thomas E. Uharriet on the back inside flap. The Memoirs of Billy Shears had already taken its rightful place as the ultimate book in the “Paul is Dead” (PID) community who have christened it, “the Bible of PID.” Now that William (playing the part of Paul since 1966) is in his last years of life on this plant, and now that all who conspired to put him into that Paul McCartney position (to advance their greater global conspiracy) have all passed away, this revised edition offers new astonishing clarity on points that could not be said plainly before.

Included with this new edition, in the hardcover, paperback, and audio versions, we also now have a foreword written by Gregory Paul Martin, the eldest son of Sir George Martin, “the fifth Beatle.” In that foreword, he announces his great work of recording all 66 chapters. His stellar performance is now available as an audio-book. Some who have heard it report that the experience is life-changing. Although that is more than we can promise, it truly is an amazing performance. You can find the audio book at: www.acx.com/titleview/A3J5MF40N7V10U

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