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The Beatles: The Original Studio Recordings

The Beatles: The Original Studio Recordings (also known as the Beatles: Stereo Box) is a box set compilation comprising all digitally remastered recordings by the Beatles. It was issued on 9 September 2009 (“09.09.09”), the same day as the release of The Beatles in Mono, The Memoirs of Billy Shears, and The Beatles: Rock Band video game. The remastering project for both mono and stereo versions was led by EMI senior studio engineers Allan Rouse and Guy Massey. The Stereo Box also features a DVD which contains all the short films that are on the CDs in QuickTime format.

In the 09/03/09 Rolling Stone magazine, they get Paul’s response to one of the recording engineers talking about the new digital production, “McCartney judges the reissues by an even higher standard, ‘It sounds like it did in the room when you recorded it.’”  The article says the project’s recording engineers claim, “The digital version is indistinguishable from the masters.”  These new discs are the closest we can get to time traveling back to the 1960s. They quote Paul as saying, “Now I hear John and think, ‘There he is . . . Like, you can almost close your eyes and you can kind of see him, because the quality is so real.”

The Beatles (The Original Studio Recordings) received the Grammy Award for Best Historical Album at the 53rd Grammys.

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