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Egypt Station

Egypt Station is Paul McCartney’s 17th solo studio album (2018). The album’s name and cover art are derived from his 1988 painting, “Egypt Station.” You can find that painting pictured on page 84 of Paul McCartney Paintings.

Egypt Station contains hidden messages that are best understood in light of the unofficial memoirs of Paul McCartney that was released nearly simultaneously. The album, released 7 September 2018, coincided with the 9 September 2018 release of The Nine After 9-09 edition of The Memoirs of Billy Shears. (“Nine After 9-09” signifies nine years after the book’s original 09-09-09 release.) That new edition was heavily infused with Egyptian symbolism all throughout, and also included related footnotes. That edition ends with the words, “All the best to those who love my Memoirs, and to those who don’t, with love from your scarab, the Gold-Winged Beatle.” Taking the book even further in the same direction, the 2017 edition adds even more notes that better explain Paul McCartney’s connection to Egyptian, Sumerian, Christian, and Gnostic symbolism. For more about the memoirs of Paul McCartney, go to www.MemoirsOfPaul.com