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Paul McCartney Paintings

This collection of “Paul’s” (William’s) art work includes over 200 color plates. The paintings are largely expressionistic, and often abstract. He brings to his visual art the same humor, enthusiasm, symbolism, and enjoyment that are present in his music. From the Memoirs, we read, “Whenever I paint or write music, whatever I feel, I do. That works. Some days the creative inspiration is musical; other days it guides me through paint.”

“Paul” began painting in 1983. He was quiet about it for sixteen years until 1999, when, in the Lÿz Art Forum in Siegen, Germany, he had his paintings featured in an art exposition. After that, he published them in this book. Had it not been for Wolfgang Suttner’s kind encouragement, these works of art might still be hidden from the world. The positive response in Germany and elsewhere drove Paul on to a much larger scale. His first UK art exhibition opened in Bristol, England with more than 500 of his paintings on display.

Each picture is a window to the inner-workings of the man who has been wearing the public McCartney pop music persona for over a half a century! It is a delight to see his self-disclosure as a visual artist!

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